Monday, November 6, 2017

Hawaii Five-0 - Kama' oma' o ka 'aina huli hana

As is the show's custom around Halloween, the latest episode brings a series of bizarre murders to the Five-0 task force's attention, all of which appear to have been inspired by local myth and folklore. The episode's B-story takes the long road to get Grover (Chi McBride) what he needs to take down his former best-friend who has, until now, gotten away with murdering his wife and putting a hit out on Grover. While the death row sequence involving an inmate with only hours left to live never quite pays off (and ends pretty damn gruesomely with the prisoner having to be electrocuted multiple times to finish him off) apparently the show is finally ready to put this thread to rest.

In another storyline that feels a bit more convoluted than necessary, "Kama' oma' o ka 'aina huli hana" brings back Claire Forlani as profiler Alicia Brown currently facing charges for shooting serial killer Madison Gray (Elisabeth Röhm) - a character and storyline I had long forgotten about. Despite all the drama, Alicia is eventually granted probation in return for working for Five-0 (thus making her another recurring guest this year). The last notable piece is the interaction between Junior (Beulah Koale) and Tani (Meaghan Rath) possibly foreshadowing something more than just friendship.

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