Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Gifted - got your siX

Six episodes into the series, there's now more than a little evidence that Caitlin Stucker (Amy Acker) is the only good person, mutant or human, on the show. It seems dropping everyone in a morally ambiguous world that forces compromise and settling has pushed, or is actively pushing, all other characters in the other general direction. Even Eclipse (Sean Teale), who was loathe to give into violence with the exception of rescuing his girlfriend, is in full murder-cause-its-easy mode this week along with Polaris (Emma Dumont). Given what's coming for them and their children, and the needs of the mutant underground protecting them, both Stuckers have to make some tough choices in how involved they want their children to become in the fight against Sentinel Services and the United States Government.

Even his recent encounter with the mutants and the unexpected effects on his mind at the hands of Dreamer (Elena Satine) does nothing to make Turner (Coby Bell) a more interesting or sympathetic character. The episode's choice instead to focus on the violence and mayhem mutants can cause drops the underground more to the genocidal human's level. In a world without heroes like the X-Men it looks like all we're left with is dangerous morally ambiguous characters on both sides of a war neither side appears all that interested in preventing. Blink (Jamie Chung) appears to be the smartest character on the show at this point, realizing getting away from all of these people is the best idea.

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