Monday, November 13, 2017

Justice League Action - System Error

"System Error" is a clever idea for an episode that fits well into the time constraints of Justice League Action. Batman (Kevin Conroy) awakes in the Batmobile confused as to how he got there and discovers his other Justice League pals are fighting odd pairings of various super-villains. Discrepancies in the villains behavior and abilities, and the League's inability to fight back against Parademons, leads the Dark Knight Detective to discover that he, Wonder Woman (Rachel Kimsey), Superman (Jason J. Lewis), Cyborg (Khary Payton), and Booster Gold (Diedrich Bader) are all robots in an elaborate simulation run by Darkseid (Jonathan Adams) who is looking for weaknesses in his enemies. What the master of Apokolips failed to count on was just how good his replicas turned out to be.

There are several nice moments here including Batman begging Superman to punch him in the face, Wonder Woman stepping up to the challenge, and the pair's conversation afterwards, the idea that there exists some world in the DC Multiverse which is now patrolled by these robotic heroes, and Booster Gold (robot or human) always being totally awesome. (It's too bad DC's Legends of Tomorrow hasn't figured this out yet.)

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