Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Gifted - boXed in

After losing his prisoners, Turner (Coby Bell) calls in every agent he can and begins a systematic search for the mutants. While several of the mutants, particularly Fade (Jeff Daniel Phillips), aren't happy with the arrival of Reed (Stephen Moyer), Daddy Stucker will help prove his worth by leading the pursuit away from the mutants' hideout and Kate (Amy Acker) and her children will continue to pitch in by helping to save another mutant's life. Despite their initial plans to flee the country, it looks like the Stuckers have found a new home.

"boXed in" gives us more of the reunited Eclipse (Sean Teale) and Polaris (Emma Dumont) whose actions here put them firmly in the morally-ambiguous category with Dreamer (Elena Satine). While the show's lack of emotional-depth on the part of the humans pursuing the mutants has created one-note characters, the more we see of the show's mutants the less noble they appear as well. The flashbacks to Turner's past doesn't make him any more compassionate (or justify his bigoted genocidal tendencies), nor does the trauma Polaris and Dreamer help their cause. As the "war" heats up, it appears the show is very close to throwing all the characters into a world of gray where survival and/or revenge, rather than right or wrong, will be the primary deciding factor.

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