Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Black Lightning - Lawanda: The Book of Burial

Inspired by Black Lightning's (Cress Williams) return, a local preacher organizes a march of his congregation through the gang-controlled streets. Apparently the only one who realizes what a dangerous idea this is, as even his wife and daughters join the march, our hero is on the scene to save as many people as possible - although one casualty will hit close to home. Out of costume for most of the episode, the storyline centers mostly around Jefferson Pierce's family including his younger daughter (China Anne McClain) announcing plans to end her virginity and his older daughter (Nafessa Williams) testing out her new powers and making changes to her personal life as she says farewell to one girlfriend (Shein Mompremier) and meets a potential replacement (Chantal Thuy) with a love of comic books and cosplay.

There are some interesting aspects to the show's third episode. First, it appears that Anissa is in no hurry to reveal her powers to her parents (although her mother does suspect something is up with her oldest daughter). While we see a bit of invulnerability and extra strength, it's still bit unclear as to how much her powers on the show will mimic her comic book counterpart (or how they work, exactly). Second, Gambi's (James Remar) choice to hide the appearance of Tobias Whale (Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III) from our hero foreshadows trouble for the pair down the line while also raising questions about the man's motives. As for our hero, will the mixed success of his latest outing force him to redouble his efforts on the streets or bring back the doubts about Black Lightning's return.

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