Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lucifer - 'Til Death Do Us Part

Between attempts of trying to kill Pierce (Tom Welling), Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the the immortal help Chloe (Lauren German) with the murder of a teacher found in a wood-chipper on an otherwise quiet suburban street. Learning that the woman once cooked street drugs turns the investigation onto a Korean gang leader (Steve Suh), but despite Lucifer convincing the man to confess to various crimes he isn't their killer. Unfortunately for Pierce, this leads to one of the show's more unconventional undercover assignments as the neighborhood's new couple. Annoying his new "husband" doesn't get Lucifer any closer to finding a way to kill him, but it does serve as the beginning of a friendship between the pair. Oh, and it also catches them a killer.

The episode's B-story takes the three untethered characters and throws them together for a crazy evening as Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), taking a sudden interest in Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), interrupts her dinner with Detective Douche (Kevin Alejandro) only to discover that the source of the demon's sudden and intense attraction was the left-over Hell smell from the lawyer's recent trip. Craziness aside, it seems Dan is willing to double-down on a relationship with Charlotte, even if that means waiting until she has things figured out. But honestly, I'd be more interested to see a Charlotte and Maze pairing.

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