Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Blacklist - Abraham Stern

When Reddington (James Spader) is robbed of his rare 1943 Lincoln penny by a fellow treasure seeker he sicks the FBI task force on Abraham Stern (Nathan Lane) who, like Red, wants to use the penny to find a cache of 1930s Federal Reserve notes which are worth a small fortune and that hardly anyone else believes even exists. To find the treasure the two thieves will be forced to work together... at least until they start betraying each other. Lane is a fun addition to the show's guest-stars, and his capture leaves the door open should the show's writers entice the star to return.

The show's other major storyline involves Elizabeth (Megan Boone) continuing down the rabbit hole caused by Tom's death. This week she'll cover-up a murder, steal classified information from the FBI about a certain Blacklister's favorite concotion, destroy evidence of her crime, and use her own father to help steal the only remaining evidence of foul play from the police. The use of Glen (Clark Middleton) adds some humor to what is predominantly a very dark subplot. There appears to be no limit to how far Elizabeth will go in her quest, the question for Red is what happens when she discovers the existence of the suitcase and ties events surrounding her husband's death back to her father?

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