Monday, January 15, 2018

The Librarians and the Hidden Sanctuary

"And the Hidden Sanctuary" continues to play on the concept of another Librarian leaving the Library. After Cassandra (Lindy Booth) freezes up during a mission, she decides to follow Flynn's (Noah Wyle) lead and take a sabbatical. Choosing to visit Havenport, the self-appointed "Safest Town in America," she does her best to ignore the obvious magic in place around the town preventing harm to anyone or anything. The curiosity of a young boy (Benjamin Flores Jr.) helps reignite her curiosity and show Cassandra you can take the Librarian out of the Library but you can't take the Library out of the Librarian.

The episode does a fairly good job of selling Cassandra's joy at putting the Library behind her and fitting in to a more normal life in Havenport. When the protection of the town is threatened (and the town turns on the only new person to arrive - her), and when the number of unexplained phenomena become too large to ignore, Cassandra's Librarian instincts finally kick in. Despite her desire to be normal, Cassandra admits to herself that (for better or worse) she belongs in the Library. The reveal of the trapped fairy works well, although the conclusion of events feels a bit off in getting the pissed-off magical creature to leave the townsfolk alone and not exact revenge.

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