Thursday, January 11, 2018

Red Hood and the Outlaws #18

Red Hood and the Outlaws #18 feels a bit like a transitionary issue that flounders a bit before teasing what is to come. The latest issue opens with the Outlaws taking down a segment of H.I.V.E. attempting to push its way into the Gotham City underworld. We also get a cameo appearance from the Creeper who apparently has some backstory tied to Artemis and who Bizarro offers a spot on the team without first discussing such a move with his teammates.

The subplot of what is really going on with the now far-smarter Superman clone is the more interesting aspect of the story including Bizarro's odd hallucinations of his Superman plushie talking to him and the eventual reveal to the reader on what he was really after in the Colony base. It seems the idea of Bizarro falling back into his old dumber self isn't what is happening. We still don't get a clear reason as to why he is bathing in synthetic Kryptonite or what the creature's true plans for the Outlaws are, although it's obvious something is wrong with the new-and-improved Bizarro. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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