Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Black Widow #1

A new volume of Black Widow begins here. Black Widow #1 is the third different comic to bear that name since 2016. Honestly, given the fact Marvel will invariably cancel the title, ignore its events, and replace it within a year or two with a new comic from from a different creative team, selling the idea of a Black Widow comic is a bit hard to do. However, Black Widow #1 turns out to be a pretty good read even if it has some rather large flaws.

The comic opens with Black Widow performing a job for the Avengers in retrieving a hard drive before returning home to find someone has broken into her apartment. Karma's a bitch, right? Oh, and then she gets thrown out a window. Not a bad cliffhanger.

The rest of the issue is where problems arise as the comic looks back several months to Natasha's relationship issues and the world's greatest spy getting caught on camera by a local news reporter (something which seems near impossible and also likely leading to events in the present). Oh, and there's a mysterious new boyfriend. Exactly what's going on with Black Widow?

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