Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Batman: The Adventures Continue #11

Batman calls on an old friend looking for advice, but Jason Todd's current plans as the Red Hood are put on hold as Batman: The Adventures Continue #11 explores more of the tumultuous former Robin's past and the circumstances behind his final days as Robin.

Writers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini definitely capture the snotty nature of Todd's late run as the Boy Wonder which made him a divisive character among fans and ultimately led to his death in the comics. As Alfred's flashback continue we see more of Robin out of control, becoming more dangerous at times than even the super-villains he was helping Batman apprehend.

Although it's still unclear if we're going to get some version of the family crowbar and explosion sequence that ended Jason Todd's run as Robin in the original Batman comics, the flashbacks to foreshadow trouble for the younger half of the Dynamic Duo as after Batman's attempt to bench him leads Robin to act on his own and target both Harley Quinn and the Joker.

[DC, $.99]

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