Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Lucifer - Detective Amenadiel

After a couple of strong, but more gimmicky, episodes, Lucifer gets back to business with an episode where the murder is secondary to two larger series arcs playing out. The circumstances of the murder being at a nunnery, and Chloe (Lauren German) temporarily needing space from Lucifer (Tom Ellis), allows for Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) to step-in for an episode and help solve the crime. Discovering that the nuns are drawn to him, much like others are drawn to his brother, not only helps in the case but also allows Amenadiel to come to conclusions about his effect on humans and answer the larger question about Lucifer's effect on humans and Chloe's effect on him.

Although the murder doesn't offer much in the way of a weekly mystery, the framework of the episode allows Amenadiel to offer solutions to some of the series longest running questions. Seeing the nuns' faith reflected back to them by his presence, he comes to better understand Lucifer's effect on the desires of humanity. Needing to be of service, and a bit jealous of his brother helping Chloe, Lucifer turns to Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and discovers just how boring, but essential, the grunt work of police work truly is. The pair come up with a theory that will lead Chloe and the angel to the killer, but its Amenadiel's hypothesis about why Lucifer is vulnerable to the detective that will finally allow her to consider her role as "gift from God" in an entirely new light and reunite the pair once more.

The episode's B-story allows for Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) to continue working out her abandonment issues while judging Linda (Rachael Harris) for abandoning her own baby years ago. The plotline allows for Harris' most emotional scenes of the entire series and one final gut punch for Maze concerning her mother. The series introduces Alexandra Grossi as Linda's grown daughter, foreshadowing a role for her down the line, while also allowing Linda to work through to work through her own trauma and help Maze do the same.

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