Monday, September 14, 2020

The Order - Hell Week

The two-part opener of The Order introduces us to incoming college Freshman Jack Morton (Jake Manley) who gets accepted to the prestigious private Belgrave University. Jack is less interested in a degree than using his acceptance to get initiated into a secret order within the university which both he and his grandfather (Matt Frewer) believe they can leverage to get close to the man responsible for the death of Jack's mother. What neither grandson or grandfather realize is that the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose is actually a secret coven of magic users.

The first two episodes of the series introduce the core characters as Jack pledges the order, gets screwed over by one of the current members, meets a cute girl (Sarah Grey), meets has a face-to-face encounter with a werewolf, and hunts down the mystical creature killing other initiates. Despite the Canadian series having a limited budget, the backdrop of the school works well for the majority of its scenes and the CGI werewolf is more impressive than what we've seen in several B-movies. The first two episodes offer a will-they/won't they relationship for Jack and Alyssa (Grey), who is also part of the Order Jack is using for his own purposes, complete with their very own meet-cute.

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