Thursday, September 24, 2020

Catwoman #25

Catwoman has returned to Gotham City in the over-sized Catwoman #25 which begins with the burglary of the Graves, Willock, and Crane building for the Penguin and the Riddler before double-crossing the both of them in order to pay back towards part of the trouble she has caused. The story also has inter-cut sequences of Catwoman's dance with a Bengal Tiger making reference to the dangerous line she continues to walk but always manages to survive.

The comic's other two stories center around Catwoman's return to her childhood haunts of Alleytown where she shows up a trio of current street hustlers and later deals with her cat who narrates the strange but kinda fun final story.

Sadly, none of the three stories here offer the costume we saw Catwoman don in the previous two issues of the series. Instead, Selina is back to more modern take on her costume in a series of stories that entertains but doesn't offer more than momentary distraction.

[DC, $3.99]

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