Monday, September 14, 2020


SHAZAM! #14 concludes the "SHAZAM and the Seven Magic Lands" arc as Billy Batson is able to free his father from Mr. Mind's influence (but, sadly unable to to make C.C. Batson any less of a douche putting a damper on the family's victory).

The issue also marks the return of the mentally-deranged Superboy Prime aware of the previous DCU timelines and calling out the Marvel Family by their historic names. He offers a threat so large we see Billy and Black Adam work together to stop him. The Superboy of an Earth destroyed in Crisis, who became frustrated with the world that was reborn without him before going all murder-crazy, has apparently been locked-up in the Monster Lands for years.

In some ways the issue feels a bit rushed, but also has an extended epilogue resulting in inconsistent pacing. Still, Superboy-Prime is back in the DCU as a potential toy for writers to enjoy as a foil for several characters (perhaps Young Justice?) in the years to come.

[DC, $3.99]

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