Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Superman #25

Since his arrival at DC Comics, writer Brian Michael Bendis has offered up several intriguing stories. Unfortunately, the over-sized Superman #25 isn't one of them. Despite the extra pages (and increased price), the comic feels incomplete.

What Superman #25 does offer is two storylines, neither of which is resolved. The first involves an alien race, planet, and character all known as Synmar who have apparently been watching over the universe in their own way for millennia. They witness the destruction of Krypton and recognize the possible threat of a sole survivor on Earth and keep vigilance. However, after seeing what he becomes they decide to make their own Superman.

The other half of the comic delves into the friendship between Lana Lang and Clark Kent as he invites his old friend to the Kent Farm for an interview hoping to help put the world at ease. There are some nice individual moments here, such as the apparently oblivious Lana realizing how lonely Clark was as a kid, but like the Synmar storyline things never develop past the initial stage.

[DC, $5.99]

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