Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Darth Vader #5

Darth Vader's search for answers about the death of Padme Amidala and the birth of his son comes to a close. A final clue in Padme's beautifully rendered tomb leads Vader to the former Rebel base on Polis Massa where Padme died. However, the long-abandoned base has few specifics about what caused his wife's death or anything to ease the Dark Lord of the Sith's conscience.

Needing to release his anger on someone, Vader allows those who betrayed him on Naboo, loyalists and freedom fighters who believe Darth Vader is responsible for the deaths of both Padme and Anakin (which is true... from a certain point of view) to follow him to Polis Massa and deal with them once and for all. Their desire for vengeance ends poorly.

As expected, Vader doesn't learn anything here that would go against Star Wars continuity. His mission ends with him unsatiated and shamed by his wife's final words. Now he must deal with the Emperor, who has had quite enough of his solider's grief and self-reflection.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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