Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Once and Future #11

After killing Beowulf, who Merlin and Zombie Arthur sent after them by tricking the legendary hero into doing their bidding, Duncan and his grandmother are forced to deal with Grendel who attacks Bridgette's retirement community creating quite a mess.

Duncan arrives in time to help, much to the chagrin of his driver and the local police who are not happy about the inexplicable situation, but it's Bridgette who strikes the killing blow as she expertly slices off the monster's arm with the help of the groundskeeper's chainsaw. The sight of the bloody senior citizen wielding a chainsaw against a mythical beast creates the issue's lasting image. However, even after making sure the poem can continue without its hero, things aren't quite finished just yet. Remember, Grendel had a mother.

Even if Duncan and Bridgette survive the latest creature, they still have to deal with the continued machinations of Merlin who isn't wasting time in planning his next surprise.

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