Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Young Justice #18

Young Justice delivers a Stephanie Brown issue? After arcs involving the team coming together, getting stuck on various alternate Earths, and helping the Justice League, Young Justice #18 offers a more personal tale as Drake helps his girlfriend hunt down her father. And they aren't the only ones looking.

Perhaps no other character got the shaft as hard as Stephanie Brown did in DC's New 52. From a break-out Bat-Family star to a sideline player, she still hasn't recovered. While I would still like the character to get a better alter-ego than Spoiler, the issue works well with Drake and Spoiler teaming up to track down Cluemaster.

Although the rest of the characters make cameos here, to offer moral support at the end and help Stephanie celebrate the win, it's really a Stephanie Brown issue (which we haven't seen in several years). We may not get Steph in a cowl, but Young Justice #18 does pull the character out of the shadows and shine some much needed light on the former Batgirl.

[DC, $3.99]

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