Monday, July 12, 2021

Black Cat Annual #1

Annual issues of ongoing comic titles are often quite hit-and-miss. Thankfully, Black Cat Annual #1 proves to be better than most as Black Cat gets out of New York on a much needed vacation only to be coerced into helping local heroes in Korea. It seems a local crime syndicate has gotten control of South Korea's most powerful hero Taegukgi and is threatening to unleash the hero on Seoul.

Working with Felicia are the agents of Tiger Division who include a spy, pop-star, wild man, merlin, robot, and something Felicia cannot categorize. The group is led by White Fox who uses Suicide Squad techniques to ensure Felicia's help (also giving the cat an idea on how to neutralize the situation when the heroes come across the super-villain mind-controlling their hero). There's also a mercenary death cult (because, why not?).

While making mention of the hero's recent adventures, Black Cat Annual #1 doesn't require the reader to know too much about her ongoing story. Instead, it's just a fun one-off adventure with an unrelated Nick Fury ongoing back-up story thrown in to try and help justify the higher cover price.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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