Monday, July 26, 2021

The Flash - Heart of the Matter (Part 2)

The Flash concludes it's Seventh Season with Part 2 of "Heart of the Matter" featuring the team struggling to deal with the army of Godspeeds fighting each other all over Central City. Everyone gets into the action here, including the entire Allen family of speedsters and a few old friends. In order to save the city, Barry (Grant Gustin) is forced to make deals with not one but two super-villains. First he agrees to grant August Heart's (Karan Oberoi) deepest wish by giving him organic speed in exchange for the future speedster recalling the Godspeeds back into himself. Then Barry enlists the help of the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) to deal with the remaining Godspeed.

With a short appearance of only one of the Forces (who were the focus of most of the season), it's a bit of an odd ending that relies on pulling in yet another familiar face to close out the season rather from building on the groundwork (sometimes painfully) laid over the course of the season. We end on a nice family moment for Team Flash, with an exchange of vows, but it is notable that we don't get a tease for next season which suggests the writers may not be entirely sure where to take the characters from here after finishing the show's weakest season.

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