Friday, July 2, 2021

Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #4

Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #4 isn't a great issue for our heroes. Dane Whitman finds himself haunted by visions shown to him by the Ebony Chalice and finishes the issue slowing bleeding out on the floor. Jackie Chopra dies a rather gruesome death. And Elsa Bloodstone abandons the fight when Mordred buys her off with the bobble she came for.

Speaking of Mordred, his plan comes together quite nicely as he captures the Ebony Blade and then smelts some of the other Ebony items into an Ebony Crown as he reveals his plans to assume the throne his father kept from him.

Other than lay the heroes low, foreshadowing their eventual comeback, Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #4 feels very much like the middle issue in a larger arc. It does offer some flashbacks to the history of the Black Knight and some dire premonitions about any future the Black Knight might have even if he gets out of his current predicament.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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