Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Loki - The Nexus Event

Leave it to the most narcissistic character in the MCU to fall for himself (or at least another version of himself). After surviving the literal end of the world and seeing Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) captured, "The Nexus Event" moves the series back to the Time Variance Authority where Loki is held accountable for his recent actions and Sylvie uses the seeds of her previous encounter with the TVA to arrange for an escape and face-to-face with Time-Keepers. Four episodes in, the show continues to change things up with the death of a major supporting character, the apparent death of Loki, and a reveal that might not show us what is behind the curtain but certainly confirms the curtain's existence.

With two episodes remaining things get a bit more confusing as Loki is saved by other variants of himself (think he'll fall in love with them, too?). The death of Mobius (Owen Wilson) is a bit of a surprise, but with the character learning the truth about the TVA (and helping Loki escape his humorous time-cell prison, which brings back a fan favorite character) his role on the show had come to an end. The reveal of Sylvie's past helps explain her quest to take down the TVA and certainly looks like it validates Loki's initial take on the organization as being something far darker than it appears. What are all these Lokis to do now? And will Sylvie, or any of them, discover who is hiding behind the curtain and is the true power behind the TVA (if we haven't already met her, that is).

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