Monday, July 19, 2021

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Battle Scars / Reunion / Bounty Lost

The trio of episodes, "Battle Scars, "Reunion," and "Bounty Lost" lead into each other starting with the Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) hastily working to remove Wrecker's implant before he turns like Crosshair. The location of the surgery, in which the other clones also get their chips removed, provides the backdrop of the following episode in which bounty hunters and the Empire catch up to the clones on Bracca. Both episodes allow for the show to pull in familiar guest-stars with Rex appearing in "Battle Scars" and Cad Bane (Corey Burton) showing up to abduct Omega (Michelle Ang).

Omega's abduction leads into "Bounty Lost" where the bounty hunter discovers Omega is one of his most troublesome bounties. He's also got to deal with Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) who is hired by other Kamino interests who don't want to see the young clone come to harm. By the end of the episode Omega is returned to the Bad Batch and both bounty hunters are left empty-handed. Of the three episodes, the events of "Battle Scars" had been foreshadowed for some time, "Reunion" feels much like story tying the two other episodes together while also allowing for Crosshairs to see some action, and "Bounty Lost" highlights Omega's ability to think on her feet and stay alive even while in the clutches of a dangerous bounty hunter. Despite her escape, it's clear the Kaminos aren't giving up on reacquiring their valuable property.

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