Friday, July 9, 2021

The Boss Baby: Family Business

The sequel to 2017's The Boss Baby picks up the story where an adult Tim (James Marsden) and Ted (Alec Baldwin) are recruited back into action by Tim's baby daughter (Amy Sedaris) to save the world from a villain's (Jeff Goldblum) evil plot. The story involves the pair getting turned back into the younger versions of themselves from the first film and infiltrating the local school. The film opens with the idea that schools, and learning/growing, are evil, something that it only grudgingly pulls back from. In a world where an entire segment of the population mistakenly cherishes this belief, using a family motion picture to, in any way, promote that idea is criminally negligent.

The movie is a mess, with plenty of callbacks and gags which may appease younger members of the audience and fans of the first film. The story makes less sense by the minute, but does provide some fun (if completely unbelievable) sequences. There's also a nice message about family built-in that might appeal to parents and children alike (if they can make it through the film without screaming in terror or boredom). The film's heart is in the right place (for a needless cash-grab sequel), but there's little evidence of brains.

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