Monday, July 19, 2021

Leverage: Redemption - The Panamanian Monkey Job

The team follows Fletcher Maxwell (Reed Diamond) to Panama in the second episode to stop their mark from accessing family funds kept in a private bank catering to unscrupulous clients. Since the bad guy remains the same, "The Panamanian Monkey Job" doesn't require as much time in the way of setup. Instead that time is used to introduce the show's other new cast member in Hardison's (Aldis Hodge) foster sister Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon) who will take over for Hardison as the team's new hacker with Hodge's exit due to other contractual responsibilities. The episode offers up the idea that the work Hardison does outside the team is more needed than being present on their individual jobs while leaving Breanna in the hands of Parker (Beth Riesgraf).

Most notable for Hodge's last episode and Shannon's first, the second episode of Leverage: Redemption flows a little better than the first with a focus more on the job than who/what is missing. There are of course complications that the team works through while working to break into a bank vault during a concert. While not Leverage at it's heights, it is a solid episode that shows promise in the new costars of Shannon and Noah Wyle and a bit of the old Leverage magic thrown in.

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