Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Flash - P.O.W.

Godspeeds from the future are wreaking havoc on Central City searching for August Heart (Karan Oberoi) who is trapped in the present but without any memory of who he is or why the Godspeeds want him. Barry (Grant Gustin) also discovers his wife's grip on the timeline is in jeopardy as his fears nearly consume him about the uncertain future of his family. However, the episode is most memorable for it's guest-stars. First, we get John Diggle (David Ramsey) showing up with A.R.G.U.S. tech to help fight the Godspeeds (and running from a destiny that was teased in Arrow's finale) and, helping to set the stage for next week's 150th episode, we get the return of XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and the introduction of Impulse (Jordan Fisher).

We also get a confusing subplot involving Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Kramer (Carmen Moore) running for their lives that suggests she may not be who she believes herself to be. I don't really understand why Iris is endangered, but her situation does allow for the episode to offer less time to a character that can often be problematic to work into the main story. The second of two consecutive appearances of Diggle on The CW's shows, here being haunted by some unseen force that is later revealed to be tied to the little green glow he discovered, suggests the network may finally be ready to introduce some version of Green Lantern. As for XS and Impulse, and the army of Godspeeds, it appears the two-part finale will be heavy on speedsters (although, given the amount of build up of the Forces, you would expect them to play some role before all is said and done).

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