Monday, July 19, 2021

Suicide Squad #5

While the issue shows us a bit of Waller dealing with the fallout of Red-X, teasing the possible introduction of Swamp Thing, and the growing insubordination of Peacemaker, most of Suicide Squad #5 focuses on a single member of the Suicide Squad and setting up a new arc for the Task Force X.

We catch up to Bloodsport on Earth-3. The mercenary has been used by Waller to scout alternate worlds and find valuable assets who can be drafted onto the Squad. On Earth-3, Bloodsport finds a smorgasbord as the world is controlled by the Crime Syndicate (alternate evil versions of our Justice League).

Bloodsport's less than effective run-in with Ultraman suggests that the Squad's next mission will pit them against the Crime Syndicate (where they might not match up all that well). It's an interesting idea for a story, but unless Waller has some bigger guns hidden in her closet I don't know that the fight will last very long (but that's a problem for the next issue).

[DC, $3.99]

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