Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Rick and Morty - Rickdependence Spray

Remember that time Morty's (Justin Roiland) masturbation nearly destroyed the world? Starting out with one of the most contrived setups in the show's run, Morty discovers the joy's of using the horse hospital's horse breeding mount for his own sexual gratification just days before Rick (Roiland) plans to used borrowed horse semen to create a weapon to use against cannibalistic horse people known as Chuds (who have apparently being warring with humanity for some time... off-camera). Of course Morty's DNA leads to complications and mutated monster sperm attacking humanity. Unaware of his grandson causing the failure of his experiment, Rick assumes his invention is to blame and easily coerces Morty into a fabricated lie involving "Space Sperm."

As has been a theme of the series, Morty's sexuality brings nothing but pain, regret, and death. The episode gets crazy fairly quickly and never looks back leading to one of the show's wackier, but most forgettable, episodes. While mostly an excuse to have the characters ride giant sperm monsters around Las Vegas, there are some nice nuggets here involving Summer (Spencer Grammer) and Beth (Sarah Chalke) bonding over men taking credit for a woman's idea, Rick getting frozen in sperm carbonite, and, of course, the giant incest space baby which hovers above Earth as the show comes to a close.

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