Tuesday, July 13, 2021

X-Men #1

While I wasn't looking, Marvel rebooted X-Men. Again. The new volume features the heroes return to New York through a Treehouse connected to the mutant's home base on Arrako. X-Men #1 does offer a look at the Treehouse both through the eyes of Polaris getting a tour inside and reporter Ben Urich reporting on the heroes' return and their swanky new digs.

We also get the city under attack from some big space thing which the X-Men beat out all of New York's other heroes to take down. They do so by creating a giant mecha to fight the creature. I don't know why they do this (I'm not sure the characters do either) but it does offer some nice panels of action.

The issue also introduces us to industrialist Kelvin Heng whose plans to terraform Mars were squashed by Krakoa. While he isn't set-up as a direct antagonist here, it certainly doesn't appear he's gone to be strong ally. There are also those poking around asking questions about all the X-Men returning from the dead which Cyclops isn't answering.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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