Friday, May 6, 2022

Amazing Spider-Man #1

A new volume of Amazing Spider-Man begins here falling back on classic Spider-Man tropes. Peter Parker's life is a mess. His friends feel ignored, Aunt May is disappointed, the super-hero community wants nothing to do with him, he's without a single job prospect, and MJ is shacking up with some guy and his kids. If it all feels a bit familiar, it's because it is.

At least he's still got the suit and can do a little wall-crawling which leads into the other thread of the Rose making a play for Tombstone's territory. For some reason Tombstone blames Spider-Man, instead of the guy who blew up his home, and threatens to destroy his life (if he only knew). At least Peter is going to have somewhere to put his pent-up aggression. 

[Marvel, $5.99]

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