Thursday, May 26, 2022

Elektra: Black, White & Blood #4

Elektra: Black, White & Blood #4 offers three more tales of Elektra in the final issue of the four-issue mini-series anthology, all delivered in black, white, and red. In "Powers You Can't Comprehend," my favorite of the three tales, Elektra is hired by the Kingpin to take out a target. What he doesn't tell her is that target is Ghost Rider which turns to be a harder job to finish than Elektra bargained leading to the assassin reworking the contract with Fisk.

The other two tales are notable both for their art and for the metaphysical elements they involve. Elektra faces off against demons in Japan in the mostly silent story "Assassin." And in "Rendezvous" we see two sides of Elektra, a white and dark, battling each other through the familiar looking streets of Kevin Eastman's New York City.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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