Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Rocketeer: The Great Race #2

The second issue of The Rocketeer: The Great Race introduces us to both of Cliff's main rivals in the race (one of whom he's not aware is also one of the Nazis the Rocketeer recently had a run-in with) before also giving us the first leg of the race in which Cliff's flying gets him to second place but his impulsive nature may land him in deep trouble. And, of course, there's plenty of the regular tension between our hero and Betty.

Other than a short flashback of a handful of panels, we don't get the Rocekteer in action here. Everything is centered around the start of the race, the racers, and the foreboding of what the Nazi may have planned for his fellow racers and the secrets of what are really happening behind the scenes. Perhaps the Rocketeer will be needed before the finish line after all?

[IDW, $4.99]

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