Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Shadow War Zone #1

Part of the current Shadow War crossover, Shadow War Zone #1 is an overpriced issue will filler back-up stories in an attempt to justify its $6 cover price. They don't. The main storyline involves Black Canary setting out to find Deathstroke but instead running into one of Talia al Ghul's assassins who wants Canary's help in hunting down and killing the mercenary and isn't willing to take no for an answer. There's not too much of interest about the unfortunately named Angel Breaker other than that she gets the upper-hand on Dinah on multiple occasions.

The other stories of the comic include Harley Quinn fighting ninjas, a look back at Talia's first exposure to the Lazarus Pit, and an odd story that may or may not be filled with knock-off designs for Spider-Man and various 90s Image Comics characters.

[DC, $5.99]

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