Tuesday, May 17, 2022


The rather forgettable 80s horror flick about about a young girl able to start fires with her mind isn't a bad choice for a remake. The 1984 movie's limited budget and special effects certainly could be improved upon. However, nearly 40 years later Hollywood has managed to make an even worse adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

The plot is similar to that of the earlier film with a girl (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) and her father (Zac Efron) on the run from an evil government laboratory. In this version Charlie is never captured and breaks into the facility to rescue her father, and, like in the original, eventually releases her power on those who have taken from her over the course of the film. Certainly more stylish that the 80s film, this version of Firestarter is no less goofy but its refusal to find any humor in its premise leads to a dreadful take on a story you simply can't take seriously resulting in a slog of a 94-minute film.

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  • Title: Firestarter (2022)
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