Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Hardy Boys - A Disappearance

The Hardy Boys returns for a Second Season with some leftover questions about the mysterious artifact from the show's First Season, now in possession of a different evil businessman, and the disappearance of one of Frank (Rohan Campbell) and Joe's (Alexander Elliot) classmates that gets the extremely bored younger Hardy back on the case of solving a mystery, despite the fact that no one is all that keen on him look into things (including his brother). The tension between the boys is dealt with fairly quickly, but it does cause Joe to go off with Biff (Riley O’Donnell) and Phil (Cristian Perri), putting them in danger before being rescued by Frank and ultimately leading to finding the missing Dennis (Leonidas Castrounis).

I'm not overjoyed to discover the weird artifact, and whatever its done to the boys, will continue to play a large role in the new season. Exactly what happened to Dennis, and how it ties into the artifact (whose power may or may not be locked inside Frank now?) will likely be the emphasis of at least the start of the season. Set six months after the conclusion of last season, Frank and Callie (Keana Lyn) are still a couple, something that no one seems to notice is extremely awkward for Chet (Adam Swain), although he makes a new friend (Krista Nazaire) in the season premiere that might get him into all kinds of new trouble.

  • Title: The Hardy Boys - A Disappearance
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