Friday, May 27, 2022

Devil's Reign: Omega

Marvel's event comes to a close with Daredevil alive but Matt Murdock dead to the world as the heroes bury Matt's brother in his place so he and Elektra can begin their newest crusade against the Hand. Good luck with that.

As for New York, it's got a new Mayor but even Luke Cage can't fix things overnight as the Thunderbolts are still at large and vigilantism in the city is still outlawed. Time to get to work Mr. Mayor. Good luck with that.

Cage's war on the Thunderbolts provides of the issue's back-up stories as he calls on the help of Spectrum to attack one of their warehouses. Cage is also prominently featured in the other back-up story as the new Mayor of New York steps in front of the divided city for his press conference. Both lay groundwork for what is to come, much like Daredevil's main tale, but there's nothing here that can't be missed.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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