Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Starward #1

The first issue of Starward introduces us to pre-med student an part-time lifeguard Stephanie Cohen on her 20th birthday on which she experiences something quite peculiar when she faints, falls to the bottom of the pool, doesn't drown, and wakes up to a whole new reality as an extradimensional warrior with a destiny. Along with six unknown "sisters" whom she must find, Stephanie is tasked with returning the demon Kaos back to his reality prison.

Starward #1 certainly dumps quite a bit onto both the reader and the main character, and some of the pseudo-mythology feels a bit much, but Stephanie takes the news she's some sort of reincarnated celestial being in stride while quitting her job, ignoring the college career she was never all that keen on, and beginning a brand-new journey.

[Heavy Metal, $3.99]

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