Monday, May 23, 2022

The Bob's Burgers Movie

Adapted from the animated TV-show of the same name, The Bob's Burgers Movie is your typical sitcom expanded to a full-length film taking full advantage of the quirky and constantly struggling Belcher family attempting to make their way through a latest disaster. For the film this includes attempts to drum up business to make a mortgage payment while at the same time dealing with a giant sinkhole that appears in front of the restaurant.

Fans of the show will recognize themes including Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) slowly spiraling, Linda's (John Roberts) relentless optimism, and various peculiarities of their children who getting themselves entangled in a mystery after Louise (Kristen Schaal) discovers a skeleton in the sinkhole. The mystery allows the trio to ignore their own separate issues (a boy, a band, and a bully) and attempt to find the murderer and help the family save the restaurant.

The Bob's Burger Movie is typical, or slightly above average, for the genre of shows moving to the big screen. Not all the attempts to make the show bigger work as well as I'd like (such as the added musical numbers), but it delivers the same wacky fun the show is known for without feeling stretched or overlong given its longer running time. It's no South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut but it's more consistent and entertaining than something like The Simpsons Movie.

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