Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1 launches a new anthology series showcasing Batman and other DC Heroes. However, rather than getting new short stories every week, the concept instead looks to provide separate stories spanning multiple issues, that shouldn't get confusing. The notable story here is the first part of "Batman: The Winning Card" which attempts to provide the first Batman/Joker story in a Year One adventure of the Batman. Although it eventually provides a memorable creepy moment when the Joker shows up, the story has a few too many parts for its limited page count and is completely disjointed with threads that don't initially feel connected.

"Stormwatch: Down with the Kings" introduces a new DC version of the WildStorm team, sent to prevent a breakout at Iron Heights. "Superman: Order of the Black Lamp" looks into Daily Planet's struggle and Superman being sent a decoder ring. Finally, "Heroes of Tomorrow" introduces an alternate world where Batman battles the Royal Flush Gang and meets young orphaned brothers Dick and Jason.

It's not a bad collection, but the most notable story is very hit-and-miss, and the backup stories aren't are all that memorable, with the Stormwatch story missing some key characters to sell me on the team instead using the issue to recreate the concept of StormWatch yet again. Sure, it's cute with Superman jumping into a more goofy Batman-style investigation involving ring but its entirely exposition between two characters sitting around a bedroom for a story that may lead somewhere interesting eventually but isn't there yet. A more balance of fully complete stories, with some ongoing, would have helped balance out the issue.

[DC, $7.99]

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