Monday, May 8, 2023

Citadel - Spies Appear in Night Time

Where the show's first episode introduced us to the world of Citadel and Manticore, the second episode fills in some important gaps. First, we learn the reason for Mason Kane (Richard Madden) as both he and his partner Nadia (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) had their memories wiped automatically when Citadel fell. Luckily for them, there are backup memories which can fill them back. After retrieving the case, which has both the memories and other intelligence Manticore is after, Mason goes in search of Nadia. Turns out even without his memories, Mason still makes a pretty good spy. Unfortunately for him, his memories are lost but Nadia is able to activate hers before the pair of them are wiped out by one of the Manticore twins.

The choice to leave Mason without his memories, while returning those of Nadia, and teasing that a member of Citadel is responsible for bringing the entire organization down, strongly suggests one or the other is the traitor while also changing the status quo of who they were when that choice was made. Either it's Mason, who has no memory of his action (and Nadia may have been weary of him), or it was Nadia who has her memories returned but several years in-between which may have changed who she is and what she wants. As with Mason, we get a piece of Nadia's past filled in such as what happened to her immediately after surviving the train up until just after her mind is wiped. With the pair reunited, at least sort of, will true allegiances be revealed? Likely not immediately.

  • Title: Citadel - Spies Appear in Night Time
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