Monday, May 15, 2023

Dave - Rebirthday

Chloe Bennett reprises her role as Robyn in "Rebirthday" when she comes out to visit Dave (Dave Burd) and gets roped in by his friends in getting him to a surprise party for his birthday. The episode continues the cute awkwardness of the pair together, and even if it almost gets lost in a rather basic romcom setup of Robin needing to lie to Dave for a good reason, which leads to new problems, coming clean with the truth early saves the episode and brings the pair even closer together as Dave can bare his own truth about recent events.

There are several Robyn-centric moments to enjoy including her taking care of him when he accidentally gets too high to take care of himself and explores his house while he sleeps it off. Her joy of Dave planning a snow day only to trick him into a beach party with her friends, which leads to increasing tension between the two before the truth is revealed, makes it impossible not to root for these two wacky kids to end up together. While my interest flagged when Robyn wasn't on-screen, especially during the Mike (Andrew Santino) B-story, if Bennett sticks around I will keep watching.

  • Title: Dave - Rebirthday
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