Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Star Wars: Visions - Volume Two (Part Two)

Continuing to review the second volume of Star Wars anthology series Visions here's a look at three more animated shorts, each produced by different animation studios. Themes of family and vengeance run through this second set of shorts.

Presented by Aardman, and offering a Wallace & Gromit feel, "I am Your Mother" introduces us to academy pilot Anni (Charithra Chandran) who hides the family race from her embarrassing mother (Maxine Peake), who shows up in time to race anyway as mother and daughter bond over winning against the mean girl in Anni's class. Also notable for the use of Wedge Antilles (Denis Lawson) as the celebrity host for the race.

"Journey to the Dark Head" by STUDIO MIR, offers a more anime feel introducing us to Ara (Jang Ye Na), a mechanic raised on Dolgarak on the Outer Rim where prophetic images offer glimpses from the past, present, and the future. Misunderstanding the image she saw as a child, Ara returns home with troubled Jedi (Lee Kyung Tae) with hopes of changing the present and future by destroying the Dark Side of the shrine. On their mission, the pair run into the Sith Lord (Yun Yong Sik) who killed Toul's master as Ara discovers everything is interconnected and Toul gains a new understanding of his role in the universe as well.

Presented by Studio La Cachette, "The Spy Dancer" introduces us to Loi’e (Camille Cottin), the premier dancer at an Imperial cabaret working as a spy for the Rebellion who jeopardizes her cover to kill who she believes is the Imperial officer (Rudi-James Jephcott) responsible for her loss, only to get a shock as to his true identity is revealed. The short uses ribbon dancing both in Loi'e's peformance and in the fight to save her by the dancer and her apprentice (Kaycie Chase). What starts as a fun spy story, turns into vengeance, and the morphs yet again into a bittersweet tale of loss.

  • Title: Star Wars: Visions - Volume Two
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