Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Green Arrow #1

It's all about family..., wait, are we sure Vin Diesel didn't write the comic? With Oliver Queen missing, Roy Harper, Connor Hawke, and Black Canary go looking for another member of their family which leads to reuniting Roy with his no longer dead daughter Lian now doing her own vigilante thing in Alleytown under the name Cheshire Cat.

We get a nice reunion for everyone before half of the characters disappear and and Lian shows up near the missing Ollie fighting off Manhunters and getting marooned along with him when he destroys their only way home. Confusing at times, by purposefully not explaining events and dropping breadcrumbs like Amanda Waller's hand in whatever is going on, the new Team Arrow book feels a bit overcrowded, but with Lian's abduction I'll be curious to see where the focus goes from here (although I'd guess we'll get continuing storylines from both Earth and Ollie and Lian on the alien world).

[DC, $3.99]

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