Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Company You Keep - The Truth Hurts

With the future of the show still in doubt, The Company You Keep completes its First Season with one more con against the Maguires which Charlie (Milo Ventimiglia) and his family also use to tank the deal with Frankie (Tony Shalhoub) after learning his plans for the neightbor should they sell the bar. The series also makes a dramatic shift in the life of Emma (Catherine Haena Kim) which would pull her more into the gray of Charlie's world and suggest a path where the pair could stay together.

For a show that has been more about moments than episodes or arcs, "The Truth Hurts" delivers a last bit of fun with Charlie and Emma each turning the tables on the Maguires while also personally getting something out of the con. I don't know if the show will return for a Second Season (neither apparently does ABC as they have yet to renew or cancel the series). If this is the end of the ten episode run, it works well. If it's a springboard to a new season (where hopefully the show stays away from the will they/won't they dynamic) it might be interesting to see where Emma's new path leads.

  • Title: The Company You Keep - The Truth Hurts
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