Wednesday, May 31, 2023


The latest from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe is an attempt at a humorous take on the hunchback Quasi Modo (Steve Lemme) who finds his life as a torturer put in danger after being tasked to become an assassin by both his King (Jay Chandrasekhar) and his Pope (Paul Soter) who each hope to use the good-natured Quasi to kill the other.

All members of Broken Lizard play multiple roles here including Kevin Heffernan as both Quasi's jealous best friend and the king's henchman. Added to the mix for the film are Adrianne Palicki as easily the smartest character on screen in the new Queen, and (a never quite believable) love interest for Quasi, and Brian Cox as our narrator.

When sketch comedy doesn't land it can be something of a torturous experience for the audience. A far cry from Super Troopers or Beerfest, Quasi is a mixed bag that lacks big laughs or even the small charms and genre-poking fun of Club Dread

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  • Title: Quasi
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