Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Company You Keep - The Truth Shall Set You Free

The penultimate episode of the season makes some big shifts heading into next week's finale. Charlie (Milo Ventimiglia) and his family pull off a double con to give Emma (Catherine Haena Kim) the evidence she needs on the Maguires and keep the Daphne's (Felisha Terrell) arms dealer (Michael Gladis) from Patrick (Timothy V. Murphy) and Connor (Barry Sloane) and provide evidence back to Daphne of his father's decision to cut her out of the operation. The risky gambit prove sucessful, with even Ollie (Shaylee Mansfield) getting involved in the family business, and allows Charlie the opportunity to walk away from the entire situation... or so he thinks.

Dominos begin to fall near the end of the episode with Emma's new boss less concerned about taking down the Maguires and more interested in flipping them into assets leading to her approaching Daphne and revealing Charlie's allegiances. The shakeup isn't the only big move as Connor attempts to kill Emma, but instead blows up a car with her brother (Tim Chiou) who has just made a risky gambit on live television to secure an election. Sounds like it's time for one more con for the Nicolettis. One last note, as it falls into the same big changes category, Tony Shalhoub guest-stars as an old friend of the family with a big offer to buy the bar with a life-changing sum of money.

  • Title: The Company You Keep - The Truth Shall Set You Free
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