Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Dave - Met Gala

We don't get nearly enough of Chloe Bennett in "Met Gala," who is limited only to the opening scenes spending time with Dave (Dave Burd). Notable for a number of celebrities playing themselves, the episode instead focuses on Dave's desire to make a splash at his first Met Gala where nothing really goes to plan. The only silver lining for Dave in an evening of suprises and a failed spectacle stunt, is unexpectedly hitting it off with Rachel McAdams which sadly feels like early death bells for Dave and Robyn's (Bennett) relationship despite how well its going between the pair. There are some other subplots involved, but I'll admit my interest peaked with Bennett on-screen and lagged through much of the rest of the episode including the marginally-zany gala shenanigans.

  • Title: Dave - Met Gala
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