Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Edge of the Spider-Verse #1

Offering tales of various Spider-Man-ish characters from across the multiverse, a new volume of Edge of the Spider-Verse begins here with... dinosaurs? "Enter Kraventooth the Hunter" offers us a tale of Spider-Rex battling Kraventooth the Hunter who is using the hero's family for bait and sees the creation of Venomsaurus Rex who is knocked into a tar pit. It's as crazy and silly as it sounds. Definitely a niche comic for those wanting all the Spidey-related content they can get their hands on, but far from a must-read.

The back-up story "Curse of the Spider-Killer" takes us to Earth-90215, a noir world where Harold Osborn and Ms. Jameson deal with various thugs and dangers while on the story of the Spider-Killer (which doesn't end well for the giant eight-legged version of Spidey in this reality). Where I think the main story drags on a few pages too many for what's basically a one-joke world, this one could have used room to flesh out the world more.


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