Thursday, May 4, 2023

Young Jedi Adventures - The Young Jedi / Yoda's Mission

As much Disney as Star Wars, with a focus on programming for a younger audience, the opening episode of Young Jedi Adventures introduces us to the three most rambunctious students of the Jedi Temple 200 years before The Phantom Menace through a pair of loosely connected adventures. Almost too cute, the show certainly fits into the preschool demographic with lessons for the kids to learn at every turn and no real danger to the various action sequences involving the trio's training or battling the young pirate Taborr Val Dorn (Trey Murphy).

Our trio are Kai Brightstar (Jamaal Avery Jr.), Lys Solay (Juliet Donenfeld), and Nubs (Dee Bradley Baker) who in the first episode are introduced to young pilot Nash Durango (Emma Berman) and his droid RJ-83. Traveling with Nash to train at a different Jedi Temple, the group discover a group of pirates led by Taborr causing trouble on the planet of Tenoo.

After thwarting the pirates' attack on a market, the second-half of the episode involves Yoda (Piotr Michael) giving the characters a mission to retrieve seeds for the upcoming festival. The Jedi and their friends are lured away from their ship by Taborr who steals the seeds which the Jedi will have to retrieve and force Kai into a situation that mirrors a recent training lesson, this time allowing the young Jedi to make the right choice despite what he's forced to leave behind.

  • Title: Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures - The Young Jedi / Yoda's Mission
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